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Rhino Shield

Never Paint Again!! 25 year guarantee!! Best paint!!

Commercial painting - Made just for Wisconsin

Rhino Shield has products for all commercial projects


Whether its our standard exterior coating- Or Rhinopoxy, Rust Bond, Flat Roof coating, Urethane,  interiors paints ect... We provide maintenance managers, building managers, and company owners with a job done correctly thats lasts longer then traditional projects. 

Exterior coatings


Perfect for cedar, stucco, EIFS, block, brick, Hardi board, LP, fiber board, masonry, metal, aluminum and vinyl. 



We have unmatched warranties in place so you get the best value for your money.  Its like an insurance policy for your building- If something goes wrong, we fix it! Guaranteed! 

Exterior Ceramic Coating

Rhino Shield's Signature Product


The best warranty in the world.  No other product lasts and is guaranteed for longer! We don't take that lightly- Our proprietary coating is designed for Wisconsin in mind. Tested and formulated for Wisconsin's tough environment, and perfected to withstand the freeze-thaw cycle and to hold up to the intense summer sun.  No other paint or coating lasts longer- Guaranteed! 



Rhino Shield DFC is a 100% acrylic waterborne, acrylic urethane ceramic coating that waterproofs, insulates, soundproofs, beautifies and protects.  Innovative technology results in a waterproofing elastic film that expands and contracts with hot and cold temperatures, but also has good impact resistance and excellent chemical resistance. 



  • Flexible and breathable
  • Superior adhesion and tensile strength 
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent slat tolerance
  • Long warranty
  • Engineered to resist mold, mildew and algae
  • Class "A" fire rating
  • Comes in ANY color
  • Attractive appearance


Rhinopoxy- the most durable epoxy


Rhinopoxy is a versatile and durable epoxy coating.  This two component, high solids epoxy is a modified polyamidoamine epoxy that offers excellent resistance to chemicals, corrosion and severe environments. This product may be used alone or as part of a system as an intermediate tie-coat or finish coat.  It offers an attractive semi-gloss finish. 

Barclays Center


Barclays center- one of the most famous and visited sports and concert venues in America- entrusted Rhino Shield to coat all of the hand rails, guard rails, posts and metal piping.  The project was completed in 2010 and still looks brand new today- they used to redo the epoxy every year. 

St Francis Cabrini Church- West Bend Wisconsin


We provided our Rhinopoxy- epoxy on the churches soffit, fascia, hand rails, light posts, underside of roofs and walkways.  We used our Rust Bond as a primer before using the 2 part epoxy. 

Rust Bond- Highest rated rust inhibitor

Rhino Rust Bond- Best rust inhibitor


Rhino Rust Bond- provides exceptional adhesion to rusted, aged and corroded surfaces.  Specifically designed for metal and rust when blasting is not practical nor economically justified.  The priming system seals and unifies the substrate surface providing a paintable surface. 



  • Great adhesion.
  • Encapsulates rust.
  • Low surface tension curing.
  • Cost effective.
  • Great alternative to white metal sand blasting. 


Like all Rhino Shield products- Rust Bond has gone thru extreme weather chamber and advanced time testing- Rust Bond fully encapsulates rusted metal surfaces.  

Supershield - Roof coating

Supershield - Roof Coating


Supershield is an acrylic elastomeric roof coating.  This ceramic formula offers substantial waterproofing and insulation benefits.  Supershield forms a thick, rubber like membrane with excellent flexibility and tensile strength.  Supershield extends the life of the roof, is cheaper then re roofing, provides layers of leak protection and is mildew resistant.  Perfect for any type of roofing system and flat roofs.  Rhino Shield is the best commercial painter in Wisconsin! Commercial painting and industrial paint is our specialty. 



  • Residential or commercial 
  • Water sealing
  • Energy star 
  • All roof substrates 
  • No mess of re roofing 
  • Perfect for flat roofs 



  • Extends roof life
  • Energy star product
  • Easy to apply- no mess
  • Excellent flexibility 
  • High tensile strength 
  • Leak protection 
  • Mold resistant
  • Lowers roof surface temperature 

Rhino Urethane

Rhino Urethane Benefits


  • Superior longevity and warranty. 
  • High color retention.
  • Great for the harsh Wisconsin environment.
  • Acid, chemical and stain resistant.
  • Flexes with structure movement.
  • May be tinted to any color.


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